Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Busy Holiday Season

Goodness, it's been absolutely crazy this season. I mean it's to expect it... but not as hectic like this. I haven't even sent out the winner for Vintage Grove Jewlery. I'll send an extra little gift to the winner because of the huge delay. It's been over a month and I'm slowly coming back.. even though these next 2 weeks are going to be the most hectic. I have scrapped though, and I wish I could get the pictures on here on this post, but I guess I can do that later. I have also done a lot of baking and more will be on it's way tonight. Company parties for my husband and I and Christmas/Holiday dinners with family and friends have kept me quite busy… but we have had a very happy holiday season so far. Here are some of the baking goodies I have made:

2 tier Thanksgiving cakes

Holiday Cupcakes for My Hubby's Work

Delish Forest Cake for our good friends Rick and Gurdge.

Poker Chip Cake for our great friend Julio on his Birthday

I hope everyone is doing great this holiday season. I really miss all my SB.COM friends, but it's been so hectic that there is no way to keep up on there and with all the baking and scrapping I have to do before the end of the year. I hope to be back to a normal "less" busy schedule soon, but for now, please keep checking back!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

fabulous cakes. miss you.

~ Grace ~ said...

You are rocking these cakes my friend!