Monday, May 30, 2011

One Busy Weekend!

Since Thursday, I've been so busy! And with Blogger being down for some blogs, it was hectic. I can comment on SOME blogs now, but not on all. I know how to fix the problem so everyone can comment on your blog and never have to have a problem with it ever again.

PROBLEM SOLVED: Go to your blog setting and click on comments. Instead of having the comment section embedded on to your post, put it to come up in another window. There! That's all!

Now, for my weekend.

Thursday-Friday: I went to the movies on Thursday with my friend Sabrina to watch SOMETHING BORROWED! Super cute movie! I love movies like these! Then ALL DAY AFTER THAT and FRIDAY I was baking baking baking! It was amazing how many cakes I made in one day (Friday) PLEASE do not miss out how great my cakes looked. Become a follower of Nati's Little Cake Blog! You won't regret it!

Then Saturday came along and had my nephew's birthday party and then my BFF's birthday party.

Then Sunday we had my grandpa's birthday breakfast/brunch, my friend's birthday, my husband's cousin's graduation, and my BFF's get together party! Yes! That's 4 parties in ONE DAY!

So today, my hubby was off and we decided to take our little guys to the park where we got engaged. Here are some pictures of it.

Peanut and Maxx enjoying the wonderful weather!

The bench where my Husband proposed to me 5 years and 4 days ago.
It was so nice to be there just enjoying nature. I didn't scrap at all with all the baking I did this weekend. I only got around to work on one card for my grandpa!

I can't wait to get scrappy again! I hope you all had a fun and NOT so busy weekend. I also want to say that we appreciate all our military and veterans for the service they give! God bless them TODAY and ALWAYS!

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well Since I Can't Comment...

I'm scrapping! Well, these layout I'm about to share with you are from last week, but I hope to soon finish the ones I'm working on right now. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'm going to the movies with Sabrina (Check out her Blog!), we are going to go see "Something Barrowed." I hope I like it.

Anyways, I've also been BAKING!! Please check out my Cake Blog (click on the cake on my sidebar)! I am really proud of my creations!

Here are the layouts I made:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Evening!

Happy Scrapping!

Should of...

KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT! lol! Yesterday everyone was complaining about not being able to post comments.. and I was like.. THANK GOD I CAN POST COMMENTS! Well, guess what.. this morning I was leaving comments fine.. and I left comments on two blogs.. one that was where I won and another... and then I went to the thrid and fourth and fifth and etc. and NONE OF THEM WOULD LET ME POST!!! Grrrrr! I tried Angi's blog abot 6 times and it was an endless loop of logging in and trying to post. grrr. So ladies.. you know that I am faithful to you all and I'm trying to leave you comments on all your beautiful work BUT its not letting me. So I'm hoping this gets resolved quickly! God Bless!

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Card: Disney Classics Cartridge

So I got the Disney Classics cartridge as a gift from my friend Sabrina. Please check out Sabrina's Blog, she's new to the bloggin' world and would love to have more followers (other than me). Thanks ladies, by the way she's still working on the design on her blog so bare with her please! Anyways, I wanted to work with it a little and decided to do a little card.

Here's the Cartridge if you haven't seen it. This image was taken from The Cricut Website!

Isn't it just darling! I love it! Thanks for stopping by! (If you are interested in this cart. Joann's has a sale for them online or in-store!)

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy Week!

I have a very busy week coming up! Some cakes need to be made! Which I'm really excited about. Check out my cake blog to see the new creations when they are done.

For now I wanted to share some cards I made using my Imagine. Check them out.

And then I made this wreath for my cousin's luau party.

We had two parties to go to this weekend. Here are some pictures. We had a blast!

Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait for this weekend! Those cakes are going to be so awesome!

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ekkk! What a week!

First and far most, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your words seriously touched me so much! I was in tears just reading them. My husband told me I'm one lucky gal! And I don't doubt that! You are all so wonderful and fabulous and just absolutely amazing and I appreciate everyone of you for your way of showing me that you care. That Heartfelt Post was really hard for me... yet you all welcomed my feelings and made me realize how "normal" I was to feel this way! Thank you from my heart to yours and may God bless you all, my wonderful and amazing scrappy friends.

I have been so busy, yesterday and today. We had a yardsale and I was at it all week getting stuff out to sell. As well May and June are our BUSY months for us. EVERY WEEKEND we have something going on. And this year is NO exception. Plus, I've been going around (my hubby driving me of course) buying gifts for people and their events that we will be attending PLUS all my cake supplies since I have two orders to fill for this coming weekend! What week is coming up as well!

I have been crafty though. I made 3 layouts as well as some cards for a babyshower that I'm attending tomorrow as well as a retirement party that we are attending tomorrow! *Did I say we are busy?* lol! Check them out.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Love ya!

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heartfelt Post

I've only shared these feelings with my husband. I never ever thought that I would go through something as hard as dealing with Cancer. Especially with me. I've had only a couple of expirences in family and a dear friend and it was horrible. Truthfully, I was destroyed inside. I felt that my last days were among me. Nothing really helped me. I heard encouraging words and I saw faithful faces, but it was so hard for me to believe. I only asked why? I couldn't stop crying and yelling to our Lord WHY!?!?!? I couldn't stop myself and my husband would just let me cry like a baby and let all my anguish and anger and sadness and everything I felt just spill out. He would hug me and he would try to make me feel protected, and it helped a little. Only but then the thoughts of death came back. That horrible depression that wouldn't leave me. There were some good days. But mostly bad. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, thought I was handling everything so well. But if they had only known what I had inside. There is one night that I'll never forget, my husband was asleep already, and I was trying to get tired so I decided to scrap a little and see if it worked. I was fine... for a small while. Normally, when I scrap, I have on to Country Music (which I love) and one of my favorite artists came on. Brad Paisley. And I thought it was a message of God. Seriously, I was starting to feel so horrible again.. So I got on my knees, crying, looking at a cross that I have in my scraproom, and asked God one more time... "Why am I going through this God? Why me? I don't want to die! I love my life. I love you. I love my Husband and family and friends. Why me?" And this song was in the background which by then I had ignored. But I'll never forget how it made me feel. I'll never forget that night. Thinking about it now.. and typing this out has brought me to tears. I'm so thankful for this chance in living. And I won't let our Lord down.

It's interesting to remember what I told my husband one night that he was on the computer and I was "trying" to scrap. I said "Hey babe, if I die, at least you'll have all these albums I made of our relationship and our love and our wonderful moments together." He looked at me mad and said quietly,"Don't say that." I quietly sobbed. But was happy to know that something was going to be left to remember me. And I'm so thankful to scrap and craft, because I know that when I die, there will be something to remember me with. There was one specific week that was my hardest. The week where I waited for the Biopsy results of my Uterus. That week felt like a year! It felt like it would never end. My husband couldn't concentrate at work, to the point that he would call almost every hour to see if the dr. had called. That biopsy was important because it would determine if the Cancer had spread. I don't even want to remember that.

But there is always hope. And I prayed and prayed, and all your prayers came through and God listened and God helped me, because of all of you. Katie  (you know who you are), God is amazing, and I continue to pray for you. I continue to pray for all of the cancer patients out there. The Power of Prayer is amazing. I know how all of you felt. Like there is no hope sometimes. But fight! Because there will always be hope. Always. Hope to be alive and continue life. And when the time does come (when we are old and gray and over 98), there will be the hope of seeing our loved ones in heaven and seeing our Lord. Our loving God that we are forever in debt to.

I'm sorry that you had to read this.. for most it might not be interesting. But being able to let my feelings out like this brings a small feeling of closure to this whole Cancer thing. God forbid it ever comes back. God has plans, and I shouldn't of questioned him.

Thank you for being such amazing friends. It's funny that some of you were more concern about me (even though you haven't even met me in real life), than some of my "real" friends. In cases like these, you truly do find out out who your TRUE friends are. :o) I love you all! Thank you!

Now, here's the Brad Paisley song I was talking about: Get a box of Kleenex :o)

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silhoutte Giveaway! Check it out!

A Bowl Full of Lemons is giving away a Sihoutte! Check it out! Hurry!!!


Yup! You read it correctly! And Royal Things is giving away a $150.00 giftcard to check out her blog and the Cricut Blog! The Cricut Blog launches tonight at midnight!! How exciting! Check them both out! Hurry!!

Award and Craftiness!

Let's start of with something so dear. I got an award! Another wonderful lady named Trish sent over to me the BFF Award! Thank you so much Trish! Your blog, Trish and Treasure, is very inspiring and this totally means a lot to me! Thank you! Please ladies, go over and say Hi to Trish! You will be mesmerized by her wonderful work!

Well, now I have the pleasure of passing along this award to other wonderful crafters/commenters. The rules for the BFB award are two-fold:

-Post about the award on your blog with a link back to the sender.

-Pass onto those who visit your blog and leave comments regularly.

So my list of BFB award winners includes:

1. Angi over at Cokie Pop Paper Boutique
2. Jan over at Papercraft Pleasures
3. Julie over at Life With the Tucker Wolek Clan
4. Amber over at The Country Scrapper
5. Nancy over at HomesCool In My Little Corner

Thank you for everything Trish! And I hope that all of you wonderful ladies go check these talented ladies' blogs. I wish to give this award to everyone as well! You all make my day so much nicer and you really do bring my spirits up with all the wonderful comments and love you show me. I truly do appreciate you all!

Now, for the crafty part of the blog.

I have had the Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge sitting on my desk FOREVER. I got it for Christmas this past year and I just never have had a chance to play with it. Truthfully, this is one of my FAVORITE carts, but it doesn't seem like it because I had never used it. Well, I finally figured out a creative way to use it. Hope you enjoy my cards! I also used my i-rock! Yay!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wondeful rest of your Tuesday! God Bless!

Happy Scrapping!

Cricut Cartridge Giveaway!

Good Morning Ladies! I'm just here letting you know of a fabulous giveaway for Sherrie's 600+ followers. Check out her blog here! Plus as always you will NOT regret being a follower! :o)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafty Monday!

Today, I woke up bright and early and was glad to be alive! Like I mentioned before life for me is viewed WAY differently than before this Cancer stuff. God does have plans. I think this was a great way for him to make me realize the important things in life and not take it for granted. And I'm thankful for EVERYTHING he has blessed me and everyone with. Good and Bad. Everything that has happened to us, good or bad, is what makes us, us. We are defined by those bad and good moments. God is amazing like that.

Today is also our 3rd anniversary here at our home! We never in this world thought we would have such a lovely home at our young age of 23 (back in 2008). Who would be crazy enough to buy a home at 23, worth $250,000!?!?! I know I alone couldn't. I know if for a FACT. And it's all thanks to my wonderful husband who knows how to keep our finances in check and be able to afford the things we need and have. Now, unfortunately our home is only worth somewhere in the area of $165k... but I'm ok with that. We have a fixed rate and do not mind staying here for a VERY LONG TIME. God is amazing. (Have I said that already? hehe)

I got to scrap A LOT TODAY! I mean A LOT! I did some cards. One of them (Title: Smile) was a lift of Luzma! Luzma's Scrap Place is fab! You should really check her out! I love all her work! I've loved it ever since I joined SB.COM back in January of 2009. She has amazing work! Here's the cards I came up with:

Then as I was blog hopping, I was over at Cristi's Scrappin' 5 Little Cupcake's Blog, and she had a previous project she made. It's this adorable mini album (you should really check it out). She said that Momo had a tutorial... therefore I SOOOOO had to go check it out. Made By Momo is an adorable blog by another talented lady! Please check her out. She did her album cut out's with her Cricut, I decided to copy her using old empty soda packs. I free handed my cuts though. I didn't use my cricut. Here is my creation that I made for my hubby:

Thanks for stopping by. And remember... I'm always here checking out your inspirational work. Like Kristal over at Getting Cricky with K Andrew said, blog for you! :o) Love you all! Now off to finish the dinner! Ekk!

Happy Scrapping!

Ok... now I'm upset.

I've tried adding Jan's blinkie and Michelle's Blinkie and it's not letting me. But other blinkie have no problem being added to my blog. What the heck is going on? Can someone help me? PLEASE!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blogeversary Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Heather over at Paper Crafters Anonymous is celebrating a blogeversary and would love for you to join in the fun! She is a spectacular lady (just like all the other beautiful ladies I follow). So please do not hesitate in following her.

Also, like her on FACEBOOK! Let her know "Nati" sent you! She will be dong more giveaways there as well. Go to her blog for more info.

Birthday Sundae Challenge

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! Today I decided to join in the fun over at Birthday Sundaes Blog. The Challenge is to include 3 circles in your "Birthday" card. I hope mine qualifies. The three circles is the plate and the two circle yolks! And of course you've guessed it... I made it with my New Cricut Imagine! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amazing Blog Candy Alert

Good Evening everyone! I just wanted to share that Lisa  is giving away a wonderful Blog Candy Package. Please check it out! She's an amazing lady and you won't regret it.

Also, another blogcandy away is by Jan..Please check her out!.. You won't regret following either of these beautiful ladies. They have exceptional work.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Confused, but What did you say Dr?

Holy Smokes! I'm so confused about what blogger has been upto today. Some of you lost your posts which then had to repost again but once you reposted, your old posts came back and showed up. Grrr! I'm so confused to where I left off on commenting. So, I decided to start fresh and from now on comment on the posts that show up.

I have a lot to tell you today! First of all on Wednesday my Cricut Imagine ARRIVED! Oh the joy! I was so ecstatic! Here are some pictures:

Here's my Husband getting it from the UPS guy!
Here she is! She's Gorgeous!
Well, now for the even more exciting news... Yesterday was my UCSF Post Op appointment. And as you all know, this appointment was to determine about the chemo treatments and to see the results of my surgery from a couple of weeks ago... well, the doctor confirmed that I am now A CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that I am cancer-free!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that all I have to do now is do 3 month check-ups for the next several years. But that for now the cancer is out of my system... and hopefully forever! God is amazing and I'm so much in debt with all of you that have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Like I've said before, the power of prayer is amazing and I truly do thank God for all of you being in my lives even though it's just cyberlife. Thank you for all the cheering up you give me with your amazing comments and thank you just for being you! But I continue to pray for those of you (and you know who you are) who are still battling this horrible disease! The power of prayer will be answered in your cases as well my friends and I know that sooner than later you will also be in the clear. Just please DO NOT give up hope and do not stop fighting. God has amazing plans for all of us.. and I have the most faith that you will conquer this disease and more! God bless!

After we got out of the UCSF medical center, my husband took my to Lombard St. which is my fav. street. Here are some pictures I took.

Thank you for stopping by! I love you all!

Happy Scrapping!