Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Sketch Pad: First Sketches

So I'm in this group/challenge on SB.COM that a very talented fellow scrapper (xAlysonex) created. She create sketches and we show her our versions of her sketch. I'm already in love with Pagemaps, so I found this to be the perfect opportunity for me to continue working with sketches.

These are the Sketches.

Here's my take on them:

I absolutely adored the sketches.. even though similar.. they both came out completely different. Let me know your opinion on these Layouts. I love critism. (Oh and sorry for the blurry picture on the 2nd layout).

Thanks and I hope you continue having a blessed day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365-2010

I started digitally scrapping my pages today! Very happy with the outcome.. I have to say thanks to Jenn for helping me out in finding awesome Digital Layouts to begin this project. My husband bought me the digital scrapbook software called MemoryMixer. I had a little bit of problems in the beginning with the product code... but after a few email to the company not only did they fix my problem but they gave mesome free products for having to deal with the troubles their website was giving me. So overall, things worked out. Here are the first 3 lo's I have done for this Project:

What is Project 365?
Well, it's fairly simple... all you do is take at least 1 picture everyday. Keep a small journal where you can right a caption of what happened that day and why you took the picture. By the end of the year... you will essentially have a picture for every single day of the year! As a scrapper, of course, you scrap your pictures in any way you decide.

It's a wonderful project that will make your memories last forever... imagin being able to look back to any day of the any year and say.. "Oh yeah!! I remember that!" If you decide to do a project like this.. don't let anyone tell you it's a waste of time.. or you should use your time on better things... for those people.. they just wish they could have such an awesome "diary" of their life like you essentially will!

-Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I'm in love with Pagemaps... I love to design my own Layouts (for those non-scrappers out there reading this... Layouts are another name for Scrapbook pages)... but ever since I got a hold of what Pagemaps were, I haven't let go since. They are great for when you need a little push on what to create with pictures that sometimes.. just can't get them to fit the way you want. Pagemaps can help a beginner scrapper creat wonderful layouts without the stress or a pro-scrapper that needs their mojo to start running. Whichever your case can be, I recommend the usage of them 100%. Here is an example of a pagemap that I followed:

I also host a challenge on that is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary this month. If interested come check it out... it's a lot of fun and it really pushes you to finish up at least 4 layouts within a month's time. If you post on the Pagemap Challenge that you were referred by my blog you will automatically get an additional vote on ONE of your pagemaps that you submit! Please read all Rules before entering the challenge. If you already entered the challenge before you read this... please let me know and you will also receive a vote on ONE pagemap entry.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloggin' Rookie!

I had such a horrible time trying to get this blog set up. and I want to thank Kim ( for helping me through this process... I think I finally got the hang of it! Thanks Kim
Anyways, I'm extremely happy to finally have my blog up and hopefully I'll be able to updated as much as I would like to. Thanks again to all of you that visit my blog and reading my entries. 

I want to share a little about myself.. first of all.. I've been scrapbooking since early 2000. I've recently have been more active in the scrapbooking world... I'm now part of a forum in which I enjoy the company of other fellow scrappers and challenges they might present to me. is a wonderful place to start off at when you need direction in this hobby... plus meet a lot of wonderful ladies while you are at it.

Here is a picture of where I scrap... It's a converted closet that my wonderful husband Roger did. I'm slowly taking over the rest of the room though... but he doesn't mind.

I will be posting project as well as details on how I made a specific project on my blog. So hopefully you will come back soon and keep checking on any new updates I might have for all of you. Once again... Thank You for visiting my Blog and see ya soon!