Monday, January 18, 2010

Project 365-2010

I started digitally scrapping my pages today! Very happy with the outcome.. I have to say thanks to Jenn for helping me out in finding awesome Digital Layouts to begin this project. My husband bought me the digital scrapbook software called MemoryMixer. I had a little bit of problems in the beginning with the product code... but after a few email to the company not only did they fix my problem but they gave mesome free products for having to deal with the troubles their website was giving me. So overall, things worked out. Here are the first 3 lo's I have done for this Project:

What is Project 365?
Well, it's fairly simple... all you do is take at least 1 picture everyday. Keep a small journal where you can right a caption of what happened that day and why you took the picture. By the end of the year... you will essentially have a picture for every single day of the year! As a scrapper, of course, you scrap your pictures in any way you decide.

It's a wonderful project that will make your memories last forever... imagin being able to look back to any day of the any year and say.. "Oh yeah!! I remember that!" If you decide to do a project like this.. don't let anyone tell you it's a waste of time.. or you should use your time on better things... for those people.. they just wish they could have such an awesome "diary" of their life like you essentially will!

-Happy Scrapping!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Gorgeous pages, off to a great start.

Jenn said...

Jenn.... me??? Your welcome!!!