Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Scrapnight of June

So tonight was another scrapnight! I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. I had been so behind on my Project 365, all my pictures since May 23rd were sitting in my email and I had to download each and everyone of them. That took me so long to do. So I was only able to work on a 2 pager for my furbabies and one page for my Project 365. The good news is I have all my pictures ready to just digitally scrap! I had been dreading downloading them. I'm happy I got that over with.

Thanks for stopping by! The weekend is almost here! Yay!

Happy Scrapping as always!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maniac Scrapper

Yup! I'm becoming a Maniac!!! Lol! Nah, it's just that the deadline for me to finish Emiliano's album is getting closer and I don't have any idea where the heck all the time went! I worked on scrapping today and I wanted to share a couple of the layouts that I did! He's such a cutie pie! I think I'll be able to catch tomorrow on my weekly scrapnight! Can't wait to see what more I produce!

Still trying to keep cool! But thankfully tomorrow will be a little cooler, or so they say! ;o)

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer is totally here!

Oh my goodness! I mean at first, here in Northern California, we were complaining that it was raining and cold in the beginning of June, now summer has hit us hard! Yesterday was 104 degrees! Today was 107 when I was driving to go pick up my husband from work! I guess it's true be careful what you wish for! So yesterday was a total swim day! I was able to swim for the first time this summer, which was great because I had been wanting to for the past couple of weeks. Today, we had the air conditioning inside the house full blast! So with the house nice and cool and a cup of iced tea in my hand, I thought it was the perfect time to do some scrapping (plus I couldn't stop thinking about it at work! lol!). Here are some of the layouts I made tonight.

Thanks for looking! Please stay cool and hydrated! This heat is absolutely incredible.

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the Scrapnights!

Yesterday was a day that I just wanted to end! And it sadly felt that it was going to be the same today (even though I already had my scrapnight planned). My mood wasn't at it's best. That alone makes a day horrible. But thankfully things got SO much better mid morning that the excitement I had for tonight's scrapnight was absolutely exhilirating! I'm so happy that my weekly scrapnights are back with my friend! We hadn't had one since March! And this night couldn't come in a better time! It really made me enjoy my scrapping and since my day had gotten better, nothing could ruin it. So I was able to work on 4 layouts. I'm very happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, like all new "techniques" that I learn I always become obsessed with them for the first couple of weeks. And this technique of using puffy paint isn't anything different. All my layouts have it! lol! I'm still working on Emiliano's album and I continue to work on my friend's wedding as well. I feel like I'm so behind with all my pictures! I've never felt so behind! So I have to get on scrapping... anyone wanna join me for a scrapnight? ;o)

Here are my layouts:

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Scrapping of Summer!

Yay! Scrapping again! Woo hoo! I've still in a bit of a funk! But I was able to get these two pages done! And I really love them! I was able to try out a new technique that Nancy {homesclscrapper} gave me to use PUFFY PAINT on letters and layouts! So I did these flourishes with the puffy paint and I totally LOVE IT! It just gives it such a fabulous look and the fact that it's SO MUCH CHEAPER than bling (yet looks like bling) is a plus! These two pre-made layouts are for my little cousin's album. I make them a page-protector with 2 pre-made pages each year for their birthday to add to their own album that I made for them. I like that it can stay current. I will be giving these to her as part of her birthday gift. She's 9!!!! I'm thinking where the heck did all that time go! So anyways...

Happy 9th Birthday Cassandra! I love you!

Thanks for coming by!

Happy Scrapping this Summer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On a Scrapping Roll!

I am so motivated to scrap... the only thing stopping me is not being able to sit for long periods of time! So I'm not pushing myself! I did 2 more pages today! Yay! I did one for Emiliano's album (which I'm not going to post) and I did the following one of my gorgeous furbabies! Thanks for coming by and checking my layout out. Have a great rest of the day and looking forward to it being Friday! We leave to S. Cal tomorrow for my Brother-in-Law's graduation from UC Irvine! So very proud of him! Congratulations Ben! We love you! (TeeHee.. More pictures to scrap are coming!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Scrapdesk...

Oh My Gosh! So I finally broke the ice yesterday... and turned on the lights to my scrapdesk for the first time since before we even left to Mexico City! Not only that, I got to do so much! As you can see, I updated the the look of my blog AND I even got to scrap 3 whole pages! Not only that, I went back to and got to re-unite with all the wonderful friends I have there! I'm so excited to be back.. and I hope this time I stay! Arg! I hated being how I was... and even though I'm not 100% yet, I plan to rest and recover quickly!

I'm still working on Emiliano's album. I have to have it done mid July! So I hope that it happens! I had done a good amount of it before I left to Mexico (which I didn't post because I don't want my Aunt to see ALL of the layouts! It's a surprise!). So I did 3 yesterday and 2 more today! And I wanted to share them with you all (since I can't find the cable for my camera, I was lucky to find the card reader to get my pictures)! Check them out!

Thanks for coming by!

And as always...

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Return of the Long Lost Scrapper

Oh My Gosh! I have had one crazy month after we came back from Mexico City. I got sick during our vacation. Specifically the last week we were there. I had the worst morning sickness. I wouldn't be able to get out of bed until 3 or 4 pm. EVERYONE thought I was pregnant! And even though my husband and I kept confirming them that I wasn't... truthfully, even we started having doubts for a second or two. But after 4-5 pregnancy tests, all negative, we knew I had to go to the doctor soon, because it wasn't normal. It was so weird, seriously, only from the morning until 3 or 4 pm is when I would feel so horrible with this disturbing nausea! I mean it got to a point that my family wouldn't believe me anymore.. because we would go out at night and we were fine. So I went to the doctor the night before our early morning flight, and since it was such short notice, the doctor was only available to do a quick diagnostics just to get me through until I saw my doctor in the United States. Well, the doctor over there said that it seems that I might have a kidney infection and that I should definitely not let it get out of hand. So we got to our home, here in the U.S., and the first thing I do is make an appointment. I go to my doctor's office and after some urine and blood tests it ends up being that I had a very vicious urinary, vaginal, kidney, and liver infection!!!! And that I was very lucky to have not gotten a blood infection because that would of been very bad news. So I was happy to hear that after a ton of antibiotics I would be OK and the nausea would go away. Then, the next day, I faint! I was like OH MY GOSH! Seriously, the antibiotics should of been working by now, at least that's what the doctor said!

So, I called Kaiser and they said that my doctor has to see me immediately because fainting is never normal. I get to the doctor's office and he does another blood test, and he said that the infections are almost gone and that the fainting had to do with dehydration, they say that when you have a kidney infection it's extremely easy to get dehydrated even if you are drinking lots of fluids. BUT, something else came out on my blood tests. My gallbladder seems to be overproducing it's fluid and that's not good. So I had to take an ultrasound, the ultrasound revealed I had stones in my gallbladder as well, and it was many of them. My doctor called and said that I should take out my gallbladder because that's why I haven't been able to get rid of my nausea as well. So I got an appointment to talk to the surgeon on June 4th. Well, May 29th came around and I started with very very sharp pains around my belly button, and on my upper AND lower abdomen. I knew that the upper abdomen pain was from the gallbladder and that the pain around my belly button could be for the same reason. But the pain on my lower abdomen was the one freaking me out the most because I know that where the appendices is and my husband and I worried that if it was that... it could burst which is very dangerous as well. So, off to the Emergency room we go. They do more tests and ultrasounds, CT Scans and what not! Results: The gallbladder is now extremely infected and needs to come out ASAP before my blood gets infected!

So, that has been my month! And you don't know how much I want to come back to my scrap desk and scrap again! It's been exactly a week from my surgery, and I'm finally starting to feel I can do a little more now! But man, what a time! I seriously thought it was going to be never ending! I miss seeing all the blogs of my friends, I miss scrapping, I miss SB.COM and I even miss my daily life routine. But with God, my husband, family, and friends by my side, I realized I can get through anything! My husband was so worried when I was in the hospital. He tried not to show it because my mom was there. But once they left me there overnight, he made sure to call and text me and let me know that everything was going to be OK and he let me know throughout the night that he loves me. I never had felt so loved! :o)

Now, my goal is to get back to scrapping by the end of this week, my super goal is start tomorrow, but I guess we'll see. As for now, I'll just share the little amount of "digital scrapping" I've been doing for my 365 project. These were done before my surgery:

Thanks for coming over!
I missed you all!

Happy Scrapping!