Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the Scrapnights!

Yesterday was a day that I just wanted to end! And it sadly felt that it was going to be the same today (even though I already had my scrapnight planned). My mood wasn't at it's best. That alone makes a day horrible. But thankfully things got SO much better mid morning that the excitement I had for tonight's scrapnight was absolutely exhilirating! I'm so happy that my weekly scrapnights are back with my friend! We hadn't had one since March! And this night couldn't come in a better time! It really made me enjoy my scrapping and since my day had gotten better, nothing could ruin it. So I was able to work on 4 layouts. I'm very happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, like all new "techniques" that I learn I always become obsessed with them for the first couple of weeks. And this technique of using puffy paint isn't anything different. All my layouts have it! lol! I'm still working on Emiliano's album and I continue to work on my friend's wedding as well. I feel like I'm so behind with all my pictures! I've never felt so behind! So I have to get on scrapping... anyone wanna join me for a scrapnight? ;o)

Here are my layouts:

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Scrapping!


Amarilys said...

pretty! glad to see that you are back to scrapping again! :)

senora_x said...

aww super cute pages! looks like you had quite a productive night! I want a have a scrapnight!

Amanda Sevall said...

Yay for being back to scrappy nights! They sound like fun!! I need to set aside a scrappy night every week, but my hubby is home and I always want to spend time with him more than anything else I can do! lol ;)

Stacey's Creative Corner said...

Great pages Nati! So glad you got some scrappy time in! Your flourishes look fantastic!

KellyCali said...

Hooray for the return of scrapping time!! I'm soo glad that you are able to spend time on something that you love! XO As far as feeling behind, don't worry girl. As long as we all keep taking hundreds of pics, we'll never catch up in this lifetime! LOL! (As in, you're not alone!) ;)

Sarah said...

Scrap nights sound wonderful - I'm trying to get a monthly scrap meet organised with some friends. Love your layouts - never tried puffy paint - do I need another addiction?!