Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mexico City Vacation

So we are here.. having a great time relaxing and hanging out with family! So I wanted to share some pictures of our vacation so far.

Here we are in Guadalajara, Jalisco. We changed planes. It was 6am.

We are finally arriving to Mexico City!

Here we are in PERISUR... which is the Mexico City Mall! Did you know that a coach bag is 50% more than what they cost me over there? It's ridiculous!!!

This is a Cactus tree! This is at close to my grandpa's home in Cuernavaca, Morelos

This is the city coming back from Cuernavaca.

This is me at my great grandpa's house.

And these birdies are staying at my dad's house while we stay there too! Aren't they so pretty?

I will be posting more pictures soon! I must admit how much I miss my puppies, Maxx Dogg and Peanut Butter. I can't wait to see them soon. But it's so nice to see family again. I also miss scrapping! But these pictures will be a blast to scrap! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Scrapping April Pagemaps

Hi All! It's been a while! 11 days to be exact. I have been a little busy... but I have been scrapping. I scrapped more Emiliano layouts, Julio and Amanda layouts, and Project 365 Layouts. But as I mentioned "2" posts ago, I wanted to scrap all the April Pagemaps before I left to Mexico. I have exactly a week to complete this goal... so keep rooting for me! ;o) I was able to scrap a 2 page pagemap today before going to dinner with our friends.

This layout is fabulous! I have such a hard time figureing out how to get so many pictures in to layouts instead of just the usual 1-3. At first it was a little intimidating and I had to find the perfect pictures as well. I also knew that I didn't want to journal about these pictures. Once I found the pictures, I knew they told the story enough to not need journaling.

Here's my take of the Pagemap:

I had a little problem coming up with what to put next to the 4x6 instead of the journaling. So I was staring into space, thinking, when I saw these yellow flowers in front of me! And that little bulb on top of my head turned on! And I loved the outcome!

I'm hoping I get to scrap at least 3 more pagemaps before we leave on our vacation. So stay tuned! :o)

Thanks for Looking!

And as always...

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Scrapping Emiliano!

Good Monday Everyone! How are you doing? Well, I'm happy to announce that today I finally was able to start my little cousin's album that I plan to give him on his 2nd birthday in July! I'm really excited on how it's already starting out to look. I have here a couple of pages I did today. Isn't he adorable? His name is Emiliano!

I based my layouts off the sketches that Alison Richardson (The Sketchpad) created. If you haven't checked her out, please do so. She has gorgeous sketches and such wonderful ideas! I found these two sketches to be perfect for these boy layouts. It's always so hard to do boy layouts. And I know I'm not alone out there. Getting the patterned paper and the embellies to do boy layouts can bring many stress! But thankfully "Baby Boy" scrapbook stuff isn't as hard to find as teenage boy stuff or even Men patterned paper. But again, thankfully "Baby Boy" items aren't too bad.

Here's the sketch that I used for the "First Halloween" Layout:

I love the scalloped edges on her sketch. So I went with that on my layout. I'm just so happy I got to see this sketch because when I first saw it, I knew I wanted these pictures for it! I was just hoping that I still had this patterned paper for it. Here's my take on the sketch:

Here's the second sketch that Alison created:

Again another perfect sketch. I had an odd square picture that I wasn't sure where I wanted to put it in Emiliano's album. So I thought that putting it in the front page and using this sketch to guide me would work perfectly! I'm very happy with my outcome! He looks so precious and I feel that the patterned paper that I used on my version of the sketch just made him even more "baby" (if that's even possible :oP  ). Here's my take on the sketch as well:

Thanks for coming by my blog! I appreciate and enjoy your comments. :o)

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Scrapping Friday!

Good day everyone! How's everyone enjoying their Good Friday? I hope that everyone is enjoying it with lots of love and blessings! So... any crazy stories in regards to your April Fool's? Did anyone get really pranked? Thankfully I didn't! I was trying really hard to stay focused and not let anyone "fool" me! lol!

Well, we are now in April. We are officially 1/4 done with 2010!!!!! That's gone by really fast! I can't believe it! Since every 1st of the month, my favorite sketch site updates, I have decided to do all this month's sketches. So here's the first from the Pagemaps Website! I am so happy with the outcome of this sketch! I can't wait to get started on the other ones. My goal is to have all the sketches from this month done before we leave on our 2 week vacation to Mexico City! If you haven't had a chance to check out Pagemaps you should! You'll love it.

Here's the sketch from the website:

I decided to use this sketch to make the following one. It's a picture of Maxx Dogg and Peanut Butter on their first Halloween, or may I say "Dogoween", together. Maxx was a dragon and Peanut was a firefighter. I was the princess that Maxx protected and Peanut was there to control any fire that Maxx might throw (since he was a firebreathing dragon). LOL! I know I know... I'm so bad to my dogs.. but come on.. they look so cute!!! :o)

Thanks for coming by and checking out my blog! :o)

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.