Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloggin' Rookie!

I had such a horrible time trying to get this blog set up. and I want to thank Kim ( for helping me through this process... I think I finally got the hang of it! Thanks Kim
Anyways, I'm extremely happy to finally have my blog up and hopefully I'll be able to updated as much as I would like to. Thanks again to all of you that visit my blog and reading my entries. 

I want to share a little about myself.. first of all.. I've been scrapbooking since early 2000. I've recently have been more active in the scrapbooking world... I'm now part of a forum in which I enjoy the company of other fellow scrappers and challenges they might present to me. is a wonderful place to start off at when you need direction in this hobby... plus meet a lot of wonderful ladies while you are at it.

Here is a picture of where I scrap... It's a converted closet that my wonderful husband Roger did. I'm slowly taking over the rest of the room though... but he doesn't mind.

I will be posting project as well as details on how I made a specific project on my blog. So hopefully you will come back soon and keep checking on any new updates I might have for all of you. Once again... Thank You for visiting my Blog and see ya soon!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Congrats on your new blog. I love your background, beautiful. If you add a follower gadget (email me if you need directions) I will sign up to follow you.

Joi said...

I'm excited you got a blog. Now I can get updated more efficiently to see your amazing scrapbooking projects!

Kristie said...

Hi Nati!!! Good to see you out here in bloggy-land! Your blog looks fabulous~

I so agree with you about!!! I admit that since I have started blogging though, I haven't spent as much time there...

Welcome to blogging!

Veronica said...

Yay Nati! Great start to your pretty blog! I love the bg!! I'll be back soon to see what else you've posted! =)

Chrissi said...

Hi Nati.

I absolutely LOVE your blog. I am an absolute newbie to bloggin and am still trying to figure it all out. I saw you were a newbie aswell, but you seem to have figured it out really well lol.
The first time i came by your blog the sound on mt laptop wasnt working. it mysteriously fixed itself and i noticed you had music. Jesus take the wheel happened to be playing- i love that song. id never heard it before till my husband was listening to one of his country cds ( not exactly my type of tunes lol) but i loved this song. It manages to bring a tear to my eye and tingles to my skin every time i hear it.
Well sorry for the long comment on mostly nothing. Just wanted to say hi lol.