Friday, May 13, 2011

Confused, but What did you say Dr?

Holy Smokes! I'm so confused about what blogger has been upto today. Some of you lost your posts which then had to repost again but once you reposted, your old posts came back and showed up. Grrr! I'm so confused to where I left off on commenting. So, I decided to start fresh and from now on comment on the posts that show up.

I have a lot to tell you today! First of all on Wednesday my Cricut Imagine ARRIVED! Oh the joy! I was so ecstatic! Here are some pictures:

Here's my Husband getting it from the UPS guy!
Here she is! She's Gorgeous!
Well, now for the even more exciting news... Yesterday was my UCSF Post Op appointment. And as you all know, this appointment was to determine about the chemo treatments and to see the results of my surgery from a couple of weeks ago... well, the doctor confirmed that I am now A CANCER SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that I am cancer-free!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said that all I have to do now is do 3 month check-ups for the next several years. But that for now the cancer is out of my system... and hopefully forever! God is amazing and I'm so much in debt with all of you that have kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Like I've said before, the power of prayer is amazing and I truly do thank God for all of you being in my lives even though it's just cyberlife. Thank you for all the cheering up you give me with your amazing comments and thank you just for being you! But I continue to pray for those of you (and you know who you are) who are still battling this horrible disease! The power of prayer will be answered in your cases as well my friends and I know that sooner than later you will also be in the clear. Just please DO NOT give up hope and do not stop fighting. God has amazing plans for all of us.. and I have the most faith that you will conquer this disease and more! God bless!

After we got out of the UCSF medical center, my husband took my to Lombard St. which is my fav. street. Here are some pictures I took.

Thank you for stopping by! I love you all!

Happy Scrapping!


Amber said...

Yippee, Mrs. Cancer Survivor! God is good, I'm sooooo very happy for you and your family. You are truly a good person Nati and have a wonderful heart! And I love your pictures, especially of you stalking the UPS driver, hehe! Can't wait to see what you make!
Hugs and Love

Shelly said...

God Bless you Nati! Can't wait to see what you dream up with your new Baby!
Big Hugs!

Jan said...

Nati...First, WOW!!!! and YIPEE! You are cancer free and a cancer survivor..that is the best news ever! Thank the Lord!
Love your Cricut! Although I don't use mine a bunch, I really rely on it for special cuts and vinyl work!
For my button, the darn thing :) You're a faithful follower and always so supportive...if you can't get the little bugger to cooperate, your comment still counts :)

Lisa said...

Wonderful, happy CONGRATULATIONS on being cancer free, Nati! Yay! I love the pics of beautiful Lombard St. And I can't wait to see what you create with your new expression (which I'm so jealous of ;) Congrats again!!

Trish and Treasure said...

Thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my blog. Beside being a pleasure to read them it gives me the opportunity to check out your blog too and get to know you better. I was recently bestowed a BFB award and I would like to return the favor by sending it to you. Please go back to my blog and pick up the award icon and then pass it on, and on.

Thanks again,

Tanya said...

YAY!!! I am sooo happy to hear the Cancer is GONE!!! I love the photos you posted. :) Let me know how you like your Imagine!! I am still learning with mine.


Brenda said...

Nati, I am so thankful for answered prayer!!! YIPPEEEEE!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Woooooooooooooooo to the Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! That is AWESOME!! So HAPPY for you!!! Loving the photos too... enjoy your new toy! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jan said...

Oh, Hallelujah!! I am so thrilled for you! :) I am also excited to see what fabulous things you make with your Imagine and Cricut cake!!! You go, girl!

Cheryl said...

Praise God! I am so happy for you and your family ... thank you so much for sharing this with us!

In Love with a Bug said...

Nati, this is such fabulous news!!! I am so so so happy for you and your family. God is wonderful isn't he!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! on the Imagine you WILL love it!

Also WOW! Those views are so beautiful!

Linda Beeson said...

Wow, cry and then thank the Lord for His amazing touch on your life! Enjoy you new toy too!

Heather Landry said...

I am so very glad that you are cancer free! I guess God heard everyone's prayers! That is awesome.

Also, congrats on your new Imagine! I can't wait to see the projects that you make with it.