Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Early Valentine's Day!

Ah yes, Valentine's Day has arrived. In about 3 hours or so, February 14th will be here. Great! I love all the romance-y, cliche, emotional stuff! And even though Hubby and I have been a little down on our luck recently (with money), I am sure to have a wonderful Valentine's Day with my Forever valentine! Today, we sure were busy cleaning and enjoying sometime to work on our hobbies (can you guess mine? ;o)   ) and I was able to do two cards for my Aunt's Doggy and my Cousin's Doggy! I also did a valentine card for one my great co-workers, which I ended up giving to her earlier this week. So nontheless, I hope that you all have a wonderful Valentine's day with your friends, family and/or mate. And may Happiness and Love be forever in our hearts.

For my Cousin's PitBull who's name is Bear

For my Aunt's Pekingese/Pug who is named Quena

Inside both of these I included a picture of my two furbabies. This is the picture:

And here is the card for my Co-Worker:


This post is dedicated to my wonderful husband. The man of my dreams, my reality and my life. I don't need Valentine's day to let you know I love you with all my heart and that you are my one and only. Thank you for your support, love, and faithfulness.

I love you.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night of Scrapbooking

Tonight was the perfect night to scrapbook.. with my area clearing up of messes and my scrapmojo running... I couldn't see it any other way than to spend my Friday night with my wonderful pictures. I was able to get 3 pages done today. I can't stand the way my computer changed the colors on my white Layout, but oh well. Since, I finished my December 2009 Album... I decided to work on my 25th Birthday album that took place in September of last year. Yes, I just revealed my age... hehehehe. Oh well! Anyways. Before I show you my Layouts.. I do want to show you that I WAS able to get my other Making Memories shelf. I really wanted it on my desk. I love having things at reach but the dumb crowned molding at the top of the shelf wouldn't fit. So Hubby, being as awesome as he is, came up with the idea of putting it upside down. I don't think it looks bad at all... and it fits. And I love the fact that I can have all my tools and thingy-ma-jigs all by me.

I left some open space because I need to buy more flowers and this is the perfect place to store them in. Doesn't look too bad now, does it? Plus for the price of $29.99? Anyways... So having my desk all nice and clean and organized (still in the process of lots more organization, purging, cleaning, etc.) my scrapmojo had been running wild... and I was able to finish 3 layouts for my birthday album (again sorry for the single page layout... those colors are nothing of what the layout actually looks like unfortunately).

Here is the cover page for my album (with details):

And here is a two-page layout for my album.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mission: Impossible Organization

Oh My Gosh!! I seriously feel like it was just yesterday when My Scraproom was so nice and clean and I had just gone through a Major Organizational Challenge! Yet.. the mess has returned.. and for my disbelieve it's worse than ever. The thing is that the stuff I already had organized last year is still organized, yet I bought so many other scrapbooking supplies, that I slacked in putting them away in their correct spaces. Thankfully, I have joined a "Makeover/Organization ScrapArea" Challenge on that will help once again get through this mess. Today I was pretty proud of getting a lot of my "Desk Cleanup" done! Still have a lot more to do though.. it's just the first of the month! Here is the before/in progress picture (embarassing):

<--- This is a mess! But like I said before, thankfully a lot of the "old" stuff is still organized, i.e. my chipboard in the bins above, my ribbon (just needed to take out all the empty spools), my markers, etc. etc. But then I have all the additional embellishments, flowers, machines, and other items that are essential to having at my reach! So that's where the problem began. I'm pretty happy with the outcome of just one day of organizing... but I see a long road ahead of me. Hopefully it will as easy as last time, with the help of a wonderful hostess and ladies that get me through this mess on

Well and here is the after:

Not bad huh? Yet, I'm hoping to go to the store tomorrow and purchase another Making Memories Embellishment Center (the white large shelf that pretty much is holding everything). Not sure though... normally they are $89.99 here but I found a place that will have only 3 available tomorrow for purchase at $29.99 (never ever seen it that cheap before) so I'm hoping that it's meant to be and I'm able to get the second shelf! Wish me luck with that one. I don't think I did too much of a shabby job. Like I said.. it's barely the beginning. But to be able to clean, make dinner, and still have time to update my blog and scrap 2 pages... I'm pretty good, don't you think? Anyways, keep checking back, I will be posting my progress as time passes.