Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yes Yes, It's been 2 years!

.... I'm still finishing up my Mexico City album! I know, I know! I'm horrible and sooooo behind! But what can I say, other than, I'M LAGGING! lol! So, now that I am hosting a scrapbook night this Friday with some beautiful ladies, my goal is to finish this album once and for all this Friday! I'm so stoked and I know it will happen.... maybe! So, question is, am I the only one behind with my scrapping? I can't be! Please, please tell me I'm not! lol! I think everyone has a pace and a mojo to help them... and once in a while that mojo might run away for a while and leave you hanging in the middle or even (like in my case) the end of an album.

But don't worry! That scrapmojo always finds its way home back to you. It might be a day, it might be a month, or even a year, but it always comes back.

So here's the page I made tonight, I'm almost there! I promise.. just a few more!

Happy Scrapping!


Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad Nati!! I have a lot of unfinished albums that are "years" behind! I cannot wait to get back to scrapping after my ankle "allows" me to walk again. It's been a year now.

TesaB said...

Your page is GORGEOUS! Beautiful papers and great design. Love the brad (?) work! And I so hope you are right about mojo always coming back! :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This is beautiful!! I loveeeeeeeee the colors, the lace and the flower!!!

Angi said...

Beautiful! Love the paper that you used.

Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper said...

Love your page. congrats on the 2 years! may be about that long since i have seen you.