Sunday, October 10, 2010

And Once Again...

I have let you guys down! I'm just so absolutely busy! It's ridiculous! But I'm finally updating my blog and I will be updating the Challenges on SB.COM! Thanks to all you girls there that have been so patient with me! I wanted to share a couple of projects I have done lately! I finally finished my friend Amanda's Wedding Scrapbook! Here are some layouts that I made:

I also made this following card. I won't say who it is for until they receive, just in case they are reading this blog! But I absolutely loved how it came out!

And of course Khaminh and I already started our last and final Cake Course! We took the first class on the 5th! (which by the way was my hubby's bday) and we absolutely loved it! This time we are taking the class at Michael's which is very convenient and at the same time ENABLING! lol! So, Saturday aka Yesterday, I decided to make a cake for my uncle, my dad and my husband because they all have very close birthdays. We cut it today at my Grandma's house after a delicious bowl of Pozole! Yum!

This is the Fondant/Gum Paste bow I made for the cake.

Here's the cake after I stacked it and put in the Raspberry filling! Yummy!!!!

Here I already had iced it and covered it in blue fondant and then the final cake.

I absolutely loved the end result and so did my family! I was so very proud of myself. And the cake was good as well!

Please stay tuned to the next blog entry because I will be announcing how you can enter to win some new items from the brand new collection of MAKING MEMORIES VINTAGE GROOVE JEWELRY (only selling in limited Michael's)!

Thanks for stopping by and as always...

Happy Scrapping, Baking and Jewelry making!


Anonymous said...

I love those pages! Great work on all of it!
I tagged you on my blog...

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Wow!! Just wow. Fabulous layouts, super cute card and an amazing cake. No wonder you have no time to blog. Hugs.

KellyCali said...

1) Love the F = Forever LO. Especially the pretty paper & flowers that you used!

2) That blue cake if amazing! I think it's my most favorite 'cake' project of yours yet! It totally reminds me of a Tiffany-themed cake! XO