Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still Organizing: Vellum Quotes

I'm so excited because the end is near with the whole organizing of my scraproom! I received this little, very durable, box during the holidays. It was just sitting at my work desk doing nothing. So I got the idea to alter it and file away all my vellum quotes that I own.

Before Picture:

After Picture:

All I did was change the top patterned paper. I added ribbon all around the bottom portion of the box and then with scraps that were leftover from the top, I was able to matte the "Vellum Quotes" white cardstock that I inked with Colorbox Primary Colors. I then free handly wrote my "Vellum Quotes" and added the flower with the leaves. The "Vellum Quotes" is on there with 3D foam stickers to give it a good dimension and I added BasicGrey Euphoria Buttons on opposite corners. I think it's a perfect fit for my journaling/quotes in vellum.

Thanks for looking.

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scrapping Maxx Dogg

I have had the chance to scrap so much this month. Today was no exception.. I got some layouts done. I wanted to share this layout though. It's in persuasion for the adopting of animals from the pound.

This layout is very special to me. This is the day that Maxx came home with us when we adopted him from the pound. Maxx has been such a joy in our lives. As some of you know we are having difficulty getting pregnant... and I'm not saying that my doggies fill the void of a child, but they do help me with the motherly love that I want to give. I had never owned a dog before Maxx and my parents never allowed us to have pets. Maxx has changed my parents way of thinking regarding pets. They love him and they love Peanut as well (we got Peanut this past fall). We rescued Maxx from the pound, where they put animals to sleep if they are not adopted within a certain timeframe. Maxx was 1 week away to be put to sleep and let me just say that the thought of him being killed is horrifying. He is such a magnificent dog. He is loving, quiet, playful when we want him to be playful, obidient, fully trained, and extraordinarly smart. He loves us so much and his affection towards us is showen everyday. When we adopted Maxx, we were given a free vet visit. When we took him, the vet said that Maxx will be the best dog we will ever own. I asked why and he said because Maxx knew we rescued him and Maxx will do anything to show his gratitude. My husband and I didn't believe it. Then when Maxx got sick and we took him to another vet, the vet said the exact samething. And up to this date, they both have been absolutely correct. They said whenever a dog is rescued they know. Peanut is a wonderful dog as well. We didn't rescue him from a pound, but we did take him in when his owners were not able to keep him anymore and needed to find a good home for him. That is why my husband and I urge everyone that if you are planning to get a pet, whether it's a dog, cat, or any other type, please check with your pound (or killing animal facility) first. Precious animals like Maxx and Peanut need a home and should not be put to sleep because a puppy is cuter.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Scrapping Weekend!

I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Since the numbness was still in effect yesterday and Vicodin was also part of the game. I felt tired and drowzy but no pain really. But today was a completely different story. I had a huge jaw pain all day that not even the Vicodin could take away. With the jaw pain came a chin pain and a horrible headache. Thankfully the headache was partially controlled with the Vicodin. So, what do I do in order to try to take my mind off of things? I scrap! And this time was no exception. I was able to finish 13 layouts today! Very proud of the fact that I'm very close (I would say 3/4 of the way done) to finishing my album from Larry's birthday back from September 2009! Here are some of the layouts I did tonight.

Tomorrow I hope I wake up feeling a lot better. At least good enough to continue scrapping. I don't think I will be pushing myself as hard though. I was given advice from one of my virtual friends on that looking down to create the layouts is what's making my jaw hurt because it hangs. So I'm definitely going to keep that in consideration. The pain was high today and I don't want that to happen tomorrow. Anyways, I appreciate you taking the time so reading my blog entries and seeing my layouts. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy making them and sharing them with all of you! Thanks again! :o)

Happy Scrapping!

-Nati T.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Scrapping Weekend

Well this weekend was phenominal! Other than the horrible wisdom toothache that I have been dealing with since Wednesday, I had a wonderful weekend. Friday evening I started scrapping after a long nap that I had to take because of the pain medication that I took for my toothache. Well, ever since I started scrapping that evening, I wouldn't stop! It was like the scrapbug hit me and wouldn't leave (which I'm not complaing about whatsoever). I got to finish my 25th Birthday Album and my Idaho Album that I had already started. Well, to make this story short, I was able to scrapbook 26 pages up to this evening. Most of which were done Friday evening. So here I wanted to share some of the pages that I got done.

Idaho Layouts:

My Birthday Layouts:

Pre-Made Layouts For Miranda's Album:

Thanks for looking. I can't believe how much I was able to scrap this weekend. The thing is... we were BARELY even home. So all of these were done late at night and early in the morning.

Til next time.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Birthday

I've been working on my 25th Birthday Album! I'm really excited that I'm pretty almost done with it.. kinda. lol! So I wanted to share some pages I have done for it.

Thanks for Looking!

And as always, Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Prima Give-Away!

For all my fellow scrappers! Please don't forget to check out Prima's Blog for a chance to win!

Prima Giveaway **Click Here!**

Happy Scrapping! :o)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Scrapping, Scrapping, Scrapping!

I finally got some scrapping done today... I have been re-organizing my Scraproom still.. not finish yet, but as soon as I am I will take all the pictures to show you how it ended up. I want to share my Project 365 Layouts, as well as my Layouts I made of Maxx today (and one that I made a while ago). I'm so happy I got to scrap though... It kinda took my my mind of things (as always.. I can always count on scrapbooking to make my day better!).

This Layout is of Maxx Dogg when he fell asleep between my husband's legs! It was so stinkin' adorable!
This is a 2 page layout of Maxx Sleeping on the way to Southern California back in October 2008.

These are a few of my Project 365 Layouts that I hadn't shared with you.

I will be posting some Organizational Ideas that I got from the Challenge that is going on at and some of my own. So check back soon! And as always... Happy Scrapping!