Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrapspace Finished!

OMGosh! I have been working so hard to get this room finished that I finished WAYYYYYY faster than I thought! Of course Hubby helped as well (by cleaning his desk)! Here's the finished product (well, I still want to get some curtains and I have some cool stuff to add, but cleaning wise.. I LOVE IT):

Here are before pictures (the picture of my desk is dark because I was too embarassed to show it! lol!)

And here are the after pictures! Yay!

So this is my scrapspace! I share it with my wonderful and supporting husband. He says that the only reason why he doesn't want me to have my own scraproom is because he'll never get to see me, therefore he has to have his computer in here. lol! He's so cute. At first we had agreed half the room his and half the room mine.. but slowly I have been taking over. He made me my desk (which is obviously a converted closet) and has helped me arrange how I want my scrapspace to be.

Here's a couple of projects I made last night. Check them out!

Also, I follow an amazing blog by Melinda. And she is doing an amazing give-away over at her Blog The Scrap Farm , Please don't hesitate to check out and become a follower. She is extraordinary talented.  Here's a picture of the give-away she has on her blog:

Well, thank you for stopping by! You are all so nice! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Happy Scrapping!


Scrapenabler said...

Your space looks great!

Love your layouts and your card.

Have fun on your cruise!

Brenda said...

What a wonderful haven of creativity! I am going through a purging in my room right now, and after I'm done, then we are painting. Don't you love that MM shelf? They hold so much and keep me so organized that I am actually thinking of getting a second one. Have a great time on your cruise!!

In Love with a Bug said...

Your space looks great - I am sure it feels good to be done organizing/cleaning and now can focus on crafting! Love the projects you made - peanut is so cute!

ms.schwiet said...

OMG what a spacious and wonderful place

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are ALL GORGEOUS!!! I love love love love space too!! Maybe when I move, I should have you come help me! lol! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

*CAFE said...

Wonderful space you have to craft in! I love that you converted the closet! I think that's a tremendous use of that space! Wahooo! Looks great!

Heather Landry said...

Your scraproom is awesome! I love how organized you are and the paint color is super pretty.

I thought your DH's comment about having his computer in there was really sweet. LOL

Jan said...

You have to tell me where you got the paper hold that goes on the door~the one with your paper stacks. I desperately need something like that!!! I was out of crafting for 5 years and paper stacks are the quickest way for me to build my paper stash back up but I have no way to organize them~~it's making me crazy!