Saturday, September 25, 2010

Last weekend and week!

Last weekend was such a fun yet sad weekend. On Friday, the 17th, my mom in law's dad passed away. It was very heartbreaking seeing him, how he was suffering, and everyone knew that the sooner he passed the better, even though no one wanted to admit it. God gave me a very strong mother in law and am very proud of everything she did to her power to make sure her dad was comfortable. We are all so very sad to see him leave, but he is definitely in a very happier place with his parents and with Jesus. God bless him and our family.

On Friday, we also had our great friends' Tyler and Megan's wedding rehearsal. It was fun and I got to meet a lot of great people. The soon to be married couple, announced that they are PREGNANT! YAY! My husband and I (as everyone else) were surprised and full of joy of receiving this wonderful news. We cannot say how happy we are for them and how blessed they will be with their new little bundle of joy and their new lifes together as husband and wife.

Saturday, the 18th, was their wedding and we had such a wonderful time. It was very bittersweet. Bitter due to the mourning that we had but sweet to see such a wonderful couple rejoice in their vows and love for eachother. We send them our prayers and best wishes and that their marriage be full of happiness and love forever. Here are a couple of pictures from the wedding:

My Handsome Husband, Roger.

:o) Happiest Couple Ever!

The Newlyweds! ♥

Their super cute favors! Picture of them on M&M's!

Sunday the 19th rolled around and guess what?!?! It was my birthday!! Yes! I turned 26 years old. I want to thank all of you wonderful friends and family that wished me a happy birthday via facebook, text, or phone call. That meant so much to me! Thank you so very much! Tuesday the 21st, I received a wonderful gift from my co-workers. They got me my favorite 7lb chocolate cake and a costco giftcard because they know how much I've been wanting my sewing machine.

Thursday came around and we started getting ready to leave to S. Cal the next day for the funeral but I was able to get my sewing machine and sign up for my 3rd and final cake course! I'm sooooooooooo happy with my sewing machine. I had seen it on the Martha Stewart Show (one of my fav. shows) and I never thought of researching it. And when I saw it at Costco and realized that that machine was the one that Martha Stewart recommended and realized that the price might actually be reachable with my budget, I got really excited. I can't say that it fit my budget, but having the wonderful friends and family that I have, they all pretty much pitched in with money so I can get it. And once again, I can't say enough how much I've been blessed! Here's my sewing machine!

I also received one of the most important gifts of all. The motivation to start Zumba and Cycling classes. My wonderful co-worker will be my rock and support through this. We had been planning to start this for the past 3 weeks. But due to some issues that kept presenting themselves, we finally were able to sign up for in-shape on Thursday as well. I'm very excited. I will not be dieting excessively, and I have asked my husband and family members to not be monitoring what I eat, since it discourages me. I want this to become a life changing habit.. there for I start with extremely small steps until I get used to it. It will take me a long time but I have vowed to my husband and to myself more importantly that I can do this and that I will do this and with the help and support of God, my husband, my co-worker and friends and family, I know I will.

Well, that has been my past weekend and the week. Thanks for coming by and reading about my recently hectic life. I know that with these classes I have signed up for (Cake, Sewing, Zumba, Cycling) my life will not stop being hectic but it will be joyful, since I will be doing "Me" things. Thank you all for your support and for stopping by! Love you all!

Happy rest of the weekend and I hope to get to scrap!


Sue said...

Sounds like you had a major busy weekend "plus" but hoping you Happy Birthday and Good Luck with the classes !!!! That cake looks sooooooo YUMMY !!!!! Now get sewing.........hehehe

Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

Wow! So many things going on in your life right now. Hugs.

senora_x said...

Happy belated birthday! that cake is making me drool! I need chocolate now!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Nati - what an awesome cake! Absolutely love the photo of you and hubby, it's gorgeous!!

KellyCali said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine! Yay! XO