Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Scrapped up a Storm!

Today, totally was a "first signs of fall day!" I love the fall and today was totally overcast cloudy and cold breeze. It felt like a storm was coming in. I got so excited. Fall is my favorite season! It's gorgeous to see the leaves falling the cloudy days that are perfect to cuddle with your mate and just enjoy yourself. So I decided to scrap up a storm today, in honor of the fall coming in! I scrapped a lot today. Very happy that I was able to scrap. I really want to finish up my besties album so I can give it to her and she and her husband can enjoy it. I'm coming very close to that end. Yay! More scrapping tomorrow, but I think I'll work on my Easter 2010 album. We'll see what I feel like doing tomorrow.

Happy Scrapping!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

so many great layouts. so jealous you have so much time. hee hee

JadeCook said...

I love the first sign of fall! I am still looking for it here lol but we out of the 100's!

Canadian Candy said...

HI Nati.. it was so nice to see you visit my blog today!! Thank you so much!! And for the compliment on my shoes. So you like fall huh..
I hate it.. because I know whats coming.. months of hibernation, frozen cars, icey roads, finderbenders, 200 dollar gas bills to keep me warm, cold toes, frozen nose and several feet of SNOW!! lol Thats what fall means to me. Our fall usually doesn't last long.. sometimes we have TERRIBLE long long winters.. where snow is here in late September and doesn't leave until May. I hate it. Life stops, can't go outside cause well were can you go.. we live on an acreage and I really don't see me drudging me way through 3 feet of snow in the back yard. My kids will REALLY think I popped a screw loose! LOL Our trees have been turning yellow for the last few weeks.. especially the popular not sure why as we haven't had a frost yet, but it rained and rained and rained all summer.. hardly any summer days. It rained so bad for so long that 5 people around us had there basements either flood.. or just get wet. all in a matter of a couple days. Next door had 2 feet of water in there entire basement.. boy wouldn't that suck!!
We live in the country so its not sewer back up, thanks goodness, its rain from the saturated ground.
ANYWAY, I hope your falls are much better though ours lol
Thanks again for stopping by.. I hope you enjoy reading my little book! hehehe

Megan Ann said...

I wish it was fall here! Your LOs are beautiful!

KellyCali said...

Beautiful layouts & gorgeous papers Nati!

I'm with ya on that one!

Here, Here, Bring Fall!


senora_x said...

I love fall too! LOVE the colors of each of these layouts! Gorgeous!

Melissa said...

more nice lo's! it's still hot where I am, but I can't wait for the fall to come too!

Adriann said...

I'm a big fall fan too! Love your layouts. I'm trying to do more scrapping vs. computer time. :)