Monday, March 21, 2011

Time is so SLOOWWWW!

I feel like it's been 3 weeks since I went to San Francisco for my uterus biopsy! This waiting game is killing me! Especially when I'm alone! Most of the time I'm ok.. but there are those moments when I just have horrible thoughts and I get anxiety attacks. My husband tries to help but it's just so hard sometimes. I just hope time speeds up.

Our families and friends have helped so much in this waiting game. I just hope it flies from now on. On Saturday, my husband, parents and grandparents went to the mall with me (well drove me, hehehe) and my parents got me 2 more pairs of shoes!!! One for our upcoming cruise and the other just because they are so gorgeous! Check them out:

And then the biggest surprise! As you all know, I love designer purses and shoes! My parents got me my Quilted Michael Kors Hamilton bag that I have been wanting since it came out! I already have the large green hamilton leather bag but I wanted the smaller one in quilted! I was so excited when they got it for me! I love it love it love it!!!

So, that was my Saturday. Sunday we went to my grandparents and then dinner at my in-laws'. We ended up playing wii and it was such a blast. I totally forgot about all my worries. I had such a great time playing bowling and table tennis!

Today, my mom took me to Joann's where I bought the Mod-Retro Stacker by DCWV and some fabric rements. We then went to Target where I found the School Grad DCWV stacker with stickers for a clearance price of $4!! I also found my BIC Markers I use clearanced for $1.87!!! What a bargain!

So of course I was dying to scrapbook. And I did.. I scrapped a page.

I really hope my days go by so much faster than they have. It's a horrible feeling to be in the dark about your test results. But all we can do is wait. I continue praying everything will be ok.

Happy scrapping everyone!


Scrapenabler said...

You scored on the shoes and purse, they are gorgeous! Love the layout!